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Issues Advocacy Fund

The Issues Advocacy Fund is a new fund that replaced the Real Tree Advocacy Fund. Your contribution to the Issues Advocacy Fund will ensure NCTA stays on the front lines of issues affecting the industry. Issues that are of interest to NCTA may include: fire codes, legislate issues, labor/immigration, import/export, hard goods, and regulatory issues. With each contribution to the Issues Advocacy Fund, NCTA will be able to continue funding efforts to protect the industry from threats, and advocate for issues which help members run profitable businesses growing and selling Christmas trees.  In 2016, NCTA will continue to protect and promote our industry through:
  • Continuing core promotion programs (media relations, interviews, etc.)
  • Developing and distributing tools to help you SELL more trees
  • Presenting the White House Christmas Tree and maximizing media attention
  • Focusing promotions on the environmental benefits of Real Trees
  • Combating the fake tree industry’s fake claims
  • Continuing to fight misinformation (fires, mold, pesticides, etc.)
  • Ongoing work on legislative issues

Legislative Action Fund

Your investment in the Legislative Action Fund helps fund NCTA's work in support of legislative and regulatory priorities of the industry, including labor rules, immigration reform, tax policies and small business regulation. Legislative Action Fund contributions may no longer be deducted from taxable income as a business expense.

You can support the Issues Advocacy Fund, the Legislative Action Fund or both, by making an online donation with a credit card. Click the "Donate Online" button above to make your contribution.

Or, download a 2016 contribution form to be mailed to NCTA:
National Christmas Tree Association
P.O. Box 3609 
Littleton, CO 80161
(800) 975-5920
Fax (303) 374-6594
Thank You to Our 2015 Donors
We’d like to recognize the many people and organizations who have made contributions to NCTA in 2015 to help make protection and advocacy programs possible. The following list of investments were paid as of December 31, 2015. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, talents and resources to this effort. The TIP, Legislative and Real Tree programs continue to illustrate how, by working together, we can accomplish much more than we can by working alone.

Please note: the following list recognizes combined total contributions to the Real Tree Advocacy Fund and Legislative Action Fund.

Bronze Stars
Investments of $5,000+

Bright Stars
Investments of $1,000 through $4,999
Egan Acres Tree Farm
Moore Tree Farm LLC

Partner Level
Investments of $500 through $999
Snowshoe Evergreen Inc., Ken & JoAnn Scholz
Stokoe Farm Trees, Larry Martha Suzanne Stokoe

Patron Level
Investments of $100 through $499
Barr Evergreens Of NC, LLC
Beavers Christmas Tree Farm
Beckwith Family Christmas Trees & Wreaths
Cassens Trees
Cherry Grove Tree Farm
Christmas Ranch Tree Farm
Christmas Trees & Snow Plow Services
Chub Lake Tree Farm
Curry Farms Inc.
Ellms' Christmas Trees
Eric Sundback
Glenwood Heights Tree Farm
Greenbriar Ag Management Inc.
Grouse Ridge Tree Farm
Hudler Tree Farm LLC
Jean Luc Beloin Inc.
John Knight
Kelco Industries
Lambert's Rainbow Fruit
Needlefast Evergreens Inc
New River Tree Company Inc
Olson's Balsams LLC
Paul L. Schroeder
Paxton Greens
Peak Farms
Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm Inc.
Plantation Robert E. Enos
Richardson Christmas Trees LLC
Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree & Blackberry Farm
St. Croix Valley Trees, LLC
Sugar Pines Farm
Sugargrove Tree Farm
Sundback Trees
Tim Mitchell's Christmas Trees
Tom Dull
Weir Tree Farms
Weathered Willow Tree Farm
Wyckoff's Christmas Tree Farm, LLC

Participant Level
Investments up to $100
4 C Tree Farm
Berry's Christmas Tree Farm & Nursery
Bill's Christmas Trees
Bina'Tree Farms
Bob's Christmas Trees
Brent's Christmas Trees
Brushy Fork Pines LLC
Christmas Trees by Wallace
Christmas Trees Magazine
Cottrell's Christmas Tree Farm
Dutchridge Tree Farm
Echo Hill Farms Inc.
Ecology III Christmas Tree Farm
Family Christmas Trees
Francis Botek
G & S Tree Farms
Goldenman Christmas Trees
Harry Peckham
Hart-T-Tree Farms
Hill View Tree Farm
J.G. Brands Christmas Tree Sales
K & K Evergreen Farms Inc.
Kaleidoscope Farms LLC
Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm Bed & Breakfast
Kemmerer's Tree Farm
Kenlin Tree Farm
Konnie Jerabek
Lone Oak Farm
McDonough's Farm
Memory Lane Christmas Tree Farm
Merry Christmas Trees
Mountain View Farm
Mt. Rogers Christmas Tree Farm
North Butte Tree Farm
Pleasant Valley Tree Farm
Rettig's Tree Farm
Sheerwood Pines  Christmas Tree Farm
Sibgo Tree Company
Spilker's Pineridge Tree Farm
Spruce Goose Christmas Tree Farm
Stay Real; WenDan Enterprises Inc.
T. Ernst Forest Products
The Christmas Farm
Yeagers Tree Farm
Tree Finder

Looking for wholesale Christmas Trees for your retail lot or precut trees for your Choose & Cut farm? Use NCTA's Locator Tool to search for wholesale tree.

Research Fund

NCTA Bob Stohr Memorial Christmas Tree Research Fund 

Administered by the Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), the NCTA Bob Stohr Memorial Christmas Tree Research fund was established in 2003 to support research dedicated to increasing the value and use of Real Christmas Trees.

You can contribute to the research fund by downloading a contribution form or donate online using Google Checkout.

Note: When you donate online, please contact Teresa Jodon at 202/741-4852 or to designate your contribution for the NCTA fund.

Industry Calendar


Michigan CTA Summer Meeting
August 4-5
Kluck Nursery
Saginaw, MI
Marsha Gray - 800-589-8733 or

Virginia Christmas Tree Association
August 4-6

Stonewall Jackson Hotel
Staunton, VA

Southern Christmas Tree Association
August 12-14

Biloxi / Gulfport, MS area

Wisconsin Christmas Tree Association
August 26-27

Propst's Skyline Tree Farm

Georgia Christmas Tree Association Annual Meeting
August 27
Rock Spring, GA
Lawerenceville, GA

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