2018 Real Tree & Advocacy Contributions

Protecting and Advocating for the Real Tree Industry

NCTA fills a unique and critical place as the national advocacy organization leading initiatives in public policy/governmental affairs, regulations and fire codes for the real Christmas Tree Industry; a role the Christmas Tree Promotion Board, because of its checkoff funding and USDA oversight, is prohibited from fulfilling. The continued financial support from NCTA members’ investment in Issues Advocacy Sponsorships and from state and regional associations participation in the Tree Industry Partnership (TIP) Program is vital to maintaining NCTA’s ability to conduct this work.

Top donors

Please note: the following list recognizes combined total contributions to the Real Tree Advocacy Fund and the Legislative Action Fund for 2018.

Bright Stars — Investments of $1,000 through $4,999

B.T.N. of Oregon

Carolina Frasier Fir Company LLC

Cartner Christmas Tree Farm

Cline Church Nursery

Dutchman Tree Farm LLC

Greenbriar Ag Management Inc.

Hart-T-Tree Farms

K.L.M. Tree Farm

Korson’s Tree Farms Inc.

New River Tree Company Inc.

Noble Mountain Tree Farm

North Countree Christmas Inc.

Northern Family Farms LLP

Somerville Nurseries Inc.

Sturgill Tree Farms

Wahmhoff Farms

Wolf Creek Tree Farm

Partner Level — Investments of $500 through $999

Barr Evergreens Of NC, LLC

Bear Canyon Tree Farm

DeLong Farms Products Ltd.

Grouse Ridge Tree Farm

Kathy Shore Nursery Company

Peak Farms

Patron Level — Investments of $100 through $499

ABC Tree Farms LLC

Battaglia Ranch Christmas Trees

BL Christmas Trees

Cornett Carolina Trees

Crystal Spring Tree Farm

Dan Logan Tree Farm

Davidson Christmas Tree Farm

Downey Roberge Enterprises

Drake Crossing Christmas Trees

Duddles Tree Farms

Dull’s Tree Farm LLC

Ellms’ Christmas Trees

Evergreen Acres Tree Farm

Family Christmas Trees

Grant Christmas Tree Farm & Syrup Mill

High Ground Tree Farm LLC

Kelco Industries

Laurel Springs Nursery LLC

McCurdy’s Tree Farm

Needlefast Evergreens Inc

Plantation Fortin & Mercier

Prairie Pines

Richardson Christmas Trees LLC

Roba Family Farms

Sanford Tree Farms

Schroeder’s Forevergreens

Sibgo Tree Company

Silent Night Evergreens, LLC

Stokoe Farm Trees

Summers’ Christmas Tree Farm

Sundback Trees

Sunrise Tree Farm

Tillman Christmas Trees, LLC

Whispering Pines Tree Farm

Wilbert’s Christmas Tree Farm

Windy Gap Tree Farm

Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm, LLC

Yates Christmas Tree Farms

Participant Level — Investments up to $99

A Family Tree Farm

All Pine Products

All Pine Products

All Western Evergreen Nursery &

Christmas Tree Farm

Baiting Hollow Nursery

Bartels Farm

Beavers Christmas Tree Farm

Berry’s Christmas Tree Farm & Nursery

Black Oak Farm

Black Road Christmas Tree Farms

Bob’s Christmas Trees

Bohman Christmas Tree Farm Inc.

Breezy Hill Acres

Brushy Fork Pines LLC

Canyon Lake Farms, LLC

Cedar Hill Farm

Cherry Grove Tree Farm

Christa’s Christmas Farm

Christmas Ranch Tree Farm

Christmas Tree Hill

Chub Lake Tree Farm

Claybrooke Farm Christmas Trees

Colorado Conifers

Conley Tree Farm

Cook’s Woods

Curry Farms Inc.

Darling’s Tree Farm

Detlor Tree Farms

Dun Roamin Christmas Tree Farm LLC


Enchanted Valley Tree Farm

Farmstead Acres

Fleming’s Christmas Tree Farms

Fox Brand, Inc.

Goldenman Christmas Trees

Gorman Nursery

Grady Tree Farm

Greig Christmas Tree Farm

Guse Christmas Trees

Hanover Pines

Hay Family Farms

Heritage Tree Farm

Hilltop Tree Farm

Howell Christmas Trees

J.G. Brands Christmas Tree Sales

John T. Nieman Nursery

Kaschke’s Tree Farm

Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm Bed & Breakfast

Kenlin Tree Farm

Ket-Tree Farms

Lenhart’s Tree Farm

Lone Oak Farm

Lowes Creek Tree Farm, LLC

Lundin Christmas Trees LLC

M. Wright Farm & Forest Ltd

Mahantongo Valley Farms

Making Memories Christmas Trees

May-Lan Tree Plantation

McCluskey Tree Farm LLC

McDonough’s Farm

Medina Christmas Tree Farms

Medina Christmas Tree Farms

Meert Tree Farms Inc.

Meier’s Horse Shoe Pines

Memory Lane Christmas Tree Farm

Mountain Top Fraser Firs

Mutch’s Hidden Pines

Mutch’s Hidden Pines

Newby’s Evergreen Farms

North Butte Tree Farm

North Star Tree Farm

Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm

Ohana Christmas Trees

Olives Trees

Paxton Greens

Peacock Road Tree Farm LLC

Pederson Tree Farm

Perfect Christmas Tree Farm

Peterson’s Riverview Nursery, LLC

Pine Lake Farm

Pine Valley Christmas Trees, LLC

Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm Inc.

Plantation Robert E. Enos

Rettig’s Tree Farm

Robert D. Hendershot

Rolling Hills Tree Farm

Rosebud Christmas Tree Plantation

Sandy Hollar Farm

Santa’s Christmas Tree Forest Inc.

Santa’s Woods

Schmidts’ Tree Farm

Sickels’ Tree Farm

Skookum View Nobles

Sorghum Mill Christmas Tree &

Blackberry Farm

South Hill Farms

Spilker’s Pineridge Tree Farm

Spring Valley Tree Farm, LLC

Spruce Goose Christmas Tree Farm

Spruce Goose Christmas Tree Farm

St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm

Starr Pines

Storeyland Christmas Tree Farm

Sugar Pines Farm

Sugargrove Tree Farm

Sunrise County Evergreens

Sunset Acres Tree Farm, LLC

Talbott’s Tree Farms

Tall Timbers Tree Farm LLC

The Evergreen Arborist

TLV Tree Farm

Trinity Tree Farm

Vining’s Christmas Trees

Weir Tree Farms

Westlake Tree Farms LLC

White Christmas Tree Farm & Nursery

Winterfarm LLC

Winterport Evergreen Farm

Wright’s Christmas Tree Farm

Yeagers Tree Farm

Yellow Bird LLC

Young Farms

Zeigler’s Christmas Tree Farm

Zeigler’s Christmas Tree Farm

Zuhoski Farms

2017 TIP Participants

The following associations invested $25 per member in the 2017 Tree Industry Partnership Program. NCTA thanks those states that have already made their 2018 contributions.

California Christmas Tree Association

Florida Christmas Tree Association

Georgia Christmas Tree Association

Illinois Christmas Tree Association

Indiana Christmas Tree Growers Association

Kansas Christmas Tree Grower Association

Maine Christmas Tree Growers Association

Maryland Christmas Tree Association

Michigan Christmas Tree Association

Minnesota Christmas Tree Association

Missouri Christmas Tree Producers Association

Nebraska Christmas Tree Association

New Hampshire & Vermont

Christmas Tree Association

North Carolina Christmas Tree Association

Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association

South Carolina Christmas Tree Association

Southern Christmas Tree Association

Texas Christmas Tree Grower Association

Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association

Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association