Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I login to the Member Center?
A: Click on the “Member Center” tab in the main menu of the NCTA website.  Then, click on the "Member Login" link located in the upper right-hand corner of the website, above the social media icons.  A new window will pop open where you can enter your username and password, then hit “Login.”

Q: I am a Board Member, how do I access the information and resources that are only for the Board to see?
A: NCTA Board Members will login the exact same way members login.  We have Board Members’ accounts setup so they have a higher level of accessibility on the website.  You will be able to access all of the information and resources that a regular member does, but also have an additional section visible that contains Board resources.

Q: What types of resources are restricted to member’s only?
A: Once logged in you'll be able to access resources and tools designed specifically for member's only, including your Newsletters, NCTA Business Reports, popular articles from the American Christmas Tree Journal, meeting information, the Member Directory and more! Now, you can also manage your NCTA membership from the Member Center including paying your dues online, updating your demographics for the tree locators and making a donation or other purchases.

Q: I can’t remember my username or password, how do I find that out so I can login to the Member Center?

A: When we launched the new Member Center with login capabilities in October 2014, a letter with your login credentials was sent to every NCTA member who had renewed for 2014.  Your new username is the email address you have provided to NCTA.  You will have been given a new, unique password and should be prompted to change it upon your first login. If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it from the login screen by clicking on the "forgot password?" link. If you are still having difficulties, call or email NCTA during business hours, 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. MST at (800) 975-5920 or for assistance.

Christmas Tree Calendar
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June 2019

Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association
Summer Meeting
Location TBA

June 28 – 29

Minnesota Christmas Tree Association
Clear Lake, Minnesota

July 2019

Missouri Christmas Tree Association
Location TBA

August 2019

Nebraska Christmas Tree Association
Location TBA

Aug. 1 – 2

Michigan Christmas Tree Associaiton
Gwinn’s Christmas Tree Farm
Horton, Michigan

Aug. 1 – 3

Virginia Christmas Tree Growers Association 
The Virginia Tech Campus
Blacksburg, Virginia

Aug. 9 – 10

National Christmas Tree Association 
Summer Meeting and National Tree and Wreath Contest
Roba Family Farms
North Abington Township, Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association 
Summer Meeting 
Roba Family Farms
North Abington Township, Pennsylvania
PCTGA is pleased to host the 2019 National Tree and Wreath Contest

Aug. 9 – 10

Southern Christmas Tree Association
Worthey Tree Farm
Amory, Mississippi

Aug. 16-17

North Carolina Christmas Tree Association
Summer Meeting, Tradeshow and Farm Tour
Avery County, location TBA
NCCTA will celebrate its 60th anniversary 

Aug. 16 – 17

Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association
Walworth County
In conjunction with Mid America Christmas Tree Association

Sept. 6 – 7

Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association
Tree Fair and Trade Show
Location TBA

Sept. 29

Georgia Christmas Tree Association
Days of Creation Farm
Jessup, Georgia