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Christmas Tree Farm Tours

Christmas Tree farms offer learning opportunities year-round. You can use our Tree Finder tool to locate Christmas Tree farms in your area – many farms offer school tours, special events and/or in-school presentations.

For further information about possible farms to tour in your area, call (800) 975-5920 or email info@realchristmastrees.org.

Research Tree Types

Come and visit our Tree Types database, which teaches visitors about the many types of trees that Christmas Tree Farmers grow every year. There are sixteen featured trees with descriptions. Pick the one you like best or encourage students to learn about them all

White House Christmas Tree

Our continuing coverage of the Official White House Christmas Tree may also provide valuable resources to your students.

Puzzles, Games and Word Searches

We invite you to add some of the items found in our Kids section of our website to your lesson plans. A collection of mazes, crosswords and fun for school-age children can be found through the above link. If you have some games or puzzles you’d like to share, links to additional resources or interest, or have other comments or ideas, please send us an email.