Industry Statistics

Industry Statistics

Each year, the National Christmas Tree Association contracts with Harris Interactive, a nationally recognized market research firm, to conduct the annual consumer tracking poll. To give an accurate measurement of consumer trends, the tracking poll asks the same core questions, uses the same methodology and is conducted at the same time each year. However, because of the uniqueness of 2020, we were unable to generate comparable data for every statistic that is normally tracked. 

USDA Census of Agriculture

Christmas Trees were added to the federal agriculture census in 1997, when the responsibility for census shifted from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). The agriculture census is conducted every five years.

2017 Census of Agriculture

The 2017 Census of Agriculture results were released by USDA in April 2019

2012 Census of Agriculture Tables

The 2012 Census of Agriculture results were released by USDA in May 2014.

For more information on the 2012 Census of Agriculture, go to