2019 White House Christmas Tree Selected

Littleton, CO – (October 15, 2019) – On a mid-October morning, Christmas tree grower Larry Snyder of Mahantongo Valley Farms waited for the arrival of special guests from our nation’s capital who were sent to select the 2019 White House Christmas tree. White House Chief Usher, Timothy Harleth and White House Superintendent of Grounds, Dale Haney arrived at the appointed field in rural Pitman, Pennsylvania to look over Larry’s choice firs in order to select the perfect tree.

This summer, Snyder was named Grand Champion in the National Christmas Tree Association’s Christmas tree contest. With this award goes the honor of presenting a Christmas tree to the White House. Mr. Snyder is celebrating his win after participating in the Pennsylvania state contest more than a dozen times and competing in the 2017 national contest, he continued to pursue the honor of providing a tree to the White House.

After much searching, measuring and consultation with Mr. Haney, Chief Usher Harleth selected an 18 1⁄2 foot tall Douglas fir to be displayed in the Blue Room of the White House this holiday season. This special tree has to fit exact and particular specifications to go on display is such a historic room.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to represent the tree growers of America, by continuing the tradition of providing a tree to the White House Blue Room, which will be viewed by millions of people. This will be a memorable experience of a lifetime for our family, especially for our children and grandchildren, who are accompanying us for the presentation of the tree to the White House” said Snyder.

Members of the National Christmas Tree Association have presented the official White House Christmas Tree for display in the Blue Room since 1966. 2019 will mark the 54th year a member of the National Christmas Tree Association has presented the official White House Christmas Tree.